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The Pure Water Midi-Classic.
Premium Mid-Sized Water Distiller.
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Also available in 240v for foreign countries. For international orders, please place your order by phone at 402-467-2142.

Midi-Classic shown with optional stand.
The Pure Water Midi-Classic is a premium automatic water distiller that automatically produces fresh, distilled water everyday. It produces enough pure distilled water for small to mid-sized families. 

Choose this distiller if you want an automatic distiller and have a small to mid-sized family.

You can install this system in one of two ways...

FIRST, you can simply run a water line into the Midi-Classic and then dispense the water from the front of the machine, or...

SECOND, you can add a pump to it and pump distilled water to your ice maker and a separate faucet at your sink.
  • Produces fresh, great-tasting distilled water.
  • ​Provides the greatest protection against the broadest range of contaminants.
  • ​Consistent purity forever.
  • ​Easy installation. Plumbs into your water line with a simple ice-maker hook-up kit.
  • ​Automatically produces fresh distilled water as you use it.
  • ​Produces enough water for a small family.
  • ​Easy maintenance.
  • ​Handcrafted in the USA with the finest components.
  • ​An excellent investment.
 If you have questions or would rather place the order over the phone,
please call us at 402-467-2142 (Open from 9am -5pm CST)
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