Important video message from Brian Clement for Hippocrates Alumni and all health seekers...
Dear Hippocrates Alumni,
Today I want to talk to you about one of the most important elements you must take into your body; water.

Our body only functions properly when hydrated.  The average human body is 75 percent water by volume, our cells are 60 percent, and our brain is approximately 80. 

Without proper amounts of water our health plummets and our life shortens.  Yet, most of us spend very little time thinking about the PURITY of our drinking water. We assume that when we turn on the tap, the water that comes out is safe and clean.

But this may not be true.

Let me give you an example. Remember the water crisis in Flint, Michigan?
Brian Clement Ph.D., L.N.
There was a national outcry because people were consuming tap water that contained very high levels of lead without their knowledge.

Subsequent national research revealed that more than 2/3 of our cities are riddled with similar noxious, contaminated H2O. Beyond lead, many of these invisible chemicals precipitate birth defects, miscarriages, brain injury, reduced IQ, neurological problems, and even cancer. 

Hydration is as important a nourishment as is food.  Yet our water supply often contains more disease causing particles than heavily sprayed crops.  Universally, it has been discovered that most water harbors plastics, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, dioxins, fecal matter, at times parasites, amoebas, and the list goes on. 

There is only one affordable and widely accessible way to rid this essential fluid from the grips of poisonous malady causing concerns.  “DISTILLATION”

There is no doubt in my mind that there is nothing more vital to health, longevity, and a productive and happy life than pure oxygen, pristine water, and antioxidant rich organic plant based fare.
“But,” you say, “the government is protecting us, right?”
You’ve probably been told by your local government that your tap water is safe to drink.

It's vital that you understand this point...
When the government says that your tap water is “safe”, they are using the LEGAL definition of the word “safe”, not the English language definition of the word “safe”. Of the thousands of possible contaminants in tap water, the government only tests for, and is only required to protect against just over 100 contaminants!

The government tells us our water is safe, so it must be safe, right? Not so fast...
The fact is, the government does NOT know what is in your water at any given time, nor do you.
It is essential that you drink only the purest water, always.

For more than 48 years, I have owned a Pure Water Distiller. My family mostly consumes water that we produce from our distiller at home because it is absolutely the only way to ensure that you receive the cleanest water possible. We use this fresh distilled water for drinking, making into tea, herbal infusions, nut milks, smoothies, and mixing into fresh homemade baby food.

I estimate that over the decades this one distiller has produced over 65,000 gallons of distilled water for my family!

My Pure Water Distiller was the best purchase I’ve ever made. This is why Hippocrates has teamed up with Pure Water Distillers to provide you with the highest quality water purification units on the market.

Pure Water is a family-owned business in the Midwest. Their water distillers are made in the USA with heavy duty stainless steel and the finest quality components. I wholeheartedly endorse them, and I believe they should be at the top of the list for anyone who wants to be healthy.

Brian Clement
Brian Clement
Co-Director, Hippocrates Health Institute

PURE WATER DISTILLERS are the ULTIMATE drinking water purifier. They provide the greatest protection against the widest range of contaminants and should be a must for any health-conscious person!  
  • EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE! Pure Water distillers are the most effective water purifiers on the planet. They protect you against the broadest range of contaminants and the results are consistent for the life of the machine.
  • EXCELLENT TASTE! Pure water tastes like water is supposed to taste; refreshing and completely satisfying and it enhances the flavors of coffee, tea and herbal infusions.
  • A LIFELONG INVESTMENT. Pure Water Distillers are an investment in your family's health that will last a lifetime.
  • PROTECTION FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY. Everyone in the family,  from newborns to senior citizens, should consume only the purest water possible.
  • HEAVY DUTY CONSTRUCTION. Pure Water Distillers are hand-crafted in the USA with the highest quality stainless steel and components.
  • NO LIFESTYLE CHANGE REQUIRED. We've all purchased exercise equipment that ends up collecting dust in our basement, right? That won't happen with Pure Water Distillers because there is no lifestyle change required; you simply get water from your pure water faucet instead of your regular faucet (with the automatic distillers).
  • USE IT FOR ALL CONSUMABLE NEEDS. Use freshly distilled water for drinking, making tea, coffee and herbal infusions, soups, pasta, shakes, nut milk, baby formula, and even ice cubes. If you're going to consume the water, it should be as pure as possible.
  • WASH FRUIT AND VEGES. Distilled water has other uses too. Wash fruits and veggies. Make your own toxin-free window cleaner, lavender pillow spray with essential oils, fill up irons and CPAP Machines, and more.
  • ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT FOR  COMPROMISED IMMUNE SYSTEMS. While everyone should consume water that is free from contaminants, this is especially important for people with compromised immune systems.
  • MEETS RED CROSS AND FEMA RECOMMENDATIONS. In an emergency, such as a hurricane or earthquake, water can become dangerously contaminated. In such a situation, FEMA and the Red Cross recommends distillation as the best process for treating dangerously contaminated water.
  • TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR OWN WATER SOURCE. By owning your own water distiller, you are taking control of your own water source and ensuring the purity for your family.
  • PRODUCE YOUR OWN BOTTLED WATER. Need water on the go? Produce high-purity distilled water and carry it in a glass or stainless steel bottle. This ensures the purity of your water and it protects the environment from plastic bottles filling up the landfill.
  • TAKE YOUR OWN WATER TO RESTAURANTS. Don't drink that chlorine-smelling water in restaurants. Bring your own bottle of water with you.
  • SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT. Drastically reduce the number of plastic bottles you put into the landfill.
  • EXCELLENT VALUE! If you've decided that your family should only consume the purest water possible at all times, Pure Water Distillers will save you a considerable amount of money over bottled water. Make gallons of freshly distilled water every day for just pennies.
  • GREAT TASTING TEA! Some of the leading tea connoisseurs in the world use freshly produced distilled water to make their tea. It results in a pure taste and a clear appearance. Ice tea made with distilled water lasts much longer.

Water's built-in purification process is the source of all fresh water on Earth!

Water has a built-in purification process called the hydrologic cycle. Yes, water purifies itself through the hydrologic cycle.
This process is simple, as all natural processes are. But it's also hugely important because it's the source of all fresh water on the planet.

Water purifies itself by changing  “phase”, which means that it changes from a liquid into a vapor and then back to liquid.

Rainwater, as long as there is no air pollution, is high-purity water. 

Here's how it happens...
  • EVAPORATION: The Sun provides heat, which causes ocean water to evaporate. As soon as the water evaporates, it leaves the contaminants behind in the liquid water.
  • CONDENSATION: The pure water vapor rises and then condenses into clouds.
  • PRECIPITATION: The clouds cool down and it rains. Rainwater, as long as there is no air pollution is very pure water.

Distillation duplicates natures hydrologic cycle to produce the freshest water possible.

Distillation mirrors this hydrologic cycle. Because of this, the distillation process is the gold standard for purification. It’s extremely effective on the broadest range of contaminants, and it produces consistently pure water for the life of the system.

Distillation is so effective that it’s the only purification method recommended by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the American Red Cross for treating dangerously contaminated water.
The Best Way to Make Consistently Pure Water is with
Pure Water Distillers
A small countertop distiller for apartments and people on a budget.
(The machine in the middle)
  • Operates similar to a coffee maker.
  • ​No installation required.
  • ​Highest quality construction.
  • ​Timer-based shut off (which is much better than overheat shutoffs used by Chinese-made distillers).
  • ​Made in the USA.
This mid-sized automatic distiller is perfect for small families.
(The machine on the left)
  • Easy installation. Plumbs into your water line with a simple ice-maker hookup kit.
  • ​Automatically produces water as you use it.
  • Produces plenty of fresh distilled water for a small family.
  • ​Made in the USA.
Full-sized automatic & self-cleaning distiller for  families and new home construction.
(The machine on the right)
  • High production capacity and large storage means that you should never run out of fresh distilled water for all of your consumable needs.
  • Automatic drain periodically flushes out the boiling tank and reduces maintenance.
  • ​Pump water directly to your ice maker and to a separate faucet on your sink. 
  • The best water distiller on the market.
  • ​Made in the USA.
Or call us at 402-467-2142 (Open from 8am -5pm CST)
A Family-Owned Business
Since 1968.
Pure Water Distillers are handcrafted in the USA and always have been since 1968. We're a family-owned business and our mission is to improve people's lives by providing the purest water.
If you have any questions about water or the Pure Water Distillers, please call us at 402-467-2142.  We are open from 8am -5pm CST.
Questions & Answers...
I have a reverse osmosis system. Is that good enough?
A reverse osmosis system is a type of filter. While filters are typically better than nothing, they produce variable results, which means you never know what quality of water they produce. For example, a filter may work fine today but after a month it may only be half as effective. Pure Water Distillers, on the other hand, produce consistently pure water for years and even decades.
You mention "freshly" distilled water. Why do you make that distinction?
That's a great question, and it's an important one. You can buy bottled distilled water in the store, but you have no idea when it was produced, whether the production conditions were sanitary or whether it is actually distilled water. Pure water can easily get contaminated, and the longer it sits around, the more contaminated it can get. In addition, bottled distilled water can absorb chemicals from the plastic bottle it's stored in, so the best option is to produce your own distilled water and drink it right away. When you have your own water distiller, you usually end up consuming it within hours of producing it.
Is water "alive"? 
No. Water is the key component to all life on Earth, but it is not alive itself, nor can water be “dead”.
I've heard that distilled water is too pure and that it can leach minerals from my body. Is this true?
A common myth is that distilled water is too pure and can “leach” minerals from your body. This is false.

First of all, the term "distilled" just refers to the way that it was purified. Water is water. The only difference between different types of water are the contaminants in the water.

Second, water cannot be too pure, because as soon as it touches your lips, it’s not pure anymore. You can prove this to yourself by taking pure water into your mouth, then spitting it into a cup and testing it. It will no longer be pure.

Third, the term “leaching” is not a biological term and should not be used when talking about your body.

Consuming high purity water simply means that you are consuming water without any other unwanted contaminants, which is good. Distilled water does not remove necessary minerals from your system. It mixes with your saliva and stomach fluids, and it provides you with the hydration your body needs.
Should I drink alkaline water?
No. One of the most well traveled water myths is that of alkaline water and its supposed health benefits. These claims are simply pseudoscience and are not based on facts or science. Here’s the truth...

“Body pH” is a meaningless concept; different parts of the body (and even of individual cells) can have widely different pH values. For example, your stomach is highly acidic, while your intestines are alkaline.

Your body controls the pH of each part of your body, primarily through exhaling carbon dioxide and your kidney function.

The pH of drinking water has zero effect on that of the blood or of the body’s cells.

Your stomach acid is part of your immune system because it’s the first line of defense against harmful bacteria and parasites. By drinking alkaline water, you can temporarily decrease the acidity of your stomach and make yourself vulnerable to infection.

High purity water cannot be alkalized, so popular alkalizers require water to be impure in order to work.

Instead of trying to find the magic bullet, keep your priorities straight and avoid harmful contaminants by drinking the purest water possible.
Don't I need minerals in my water?
No. Water is the most important substance you put into your body. It allows you to regulate your temperature, it transports nutrients and oxygen to every cell, it removes toxins, aids in digestion, is a key for every chemical reaction and electrical signal in your body and countless other functions. Being a source for minerals, however, is not one of the primary functions of water. Here’s why:

1)    The minerals in water are not bioavailable. The minerals in water are simply dissolved rocks, which are not in a bioavailable form that we can use. Plants are able to process minerals directly from soil or water, but humans and animals can’t. Instead, we get our minerals by eating the plants. This is why the world’s top water scientists say, “We get our minerals from food, not water.” So, eat a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, and nuts while drinking pure water.

2)    There can be harmful minerals in water. Not all minerals are good for you. There are many parts of the country that have high levels of arsenic or nitrates, which have both been linked to many different forms of cancer. In addition, cities often add fluoride to water.

3)    There can be harmful chemicals in water. You don’t know what other chemicals are in the water. There are over 85,000 chemicals recognized by the EPA, and an alarming amount have been found in water supplies across the US. Remember that when the government says that your water is “safe” to drink, they are using the LEGAL definition of the word “safe”, not the English definition.
Which model of distiller should I get?
There are a few factors when deciding on which distiller you should get. First of all, convenience is very important. The automatic systems are much easier to use and stick with, compared to the small Mini-Classic that requires you to manually make distilled water every day. I recommend one of the automatic distillers for everyone who can make it work. The Midi-Classic is probably fine for small families of up to 3 or 4 family members. The Mega-Classic is the best distiller on the market today and is my top choice.
How easy is it to install?
Each model works differently. The small countertop unit simply works like a coffeemaker and is not installed into your water line. The automatic distillers hook into the water line as simply as a waterline to a refrigerator. If you have any additional installation questions, please call Pure Water at 1-402-467-2142.
Is there someone I can talk to and ask more questions?
Yes. You can call the manufacturer at 1-402-467-2142, or email them at
Is there a financing program available?
Yes, Pure Water has financing available for its water distillers. Please call for more information. 1-402-467-2142
What is the return policy?
Once we receive your item, we will inspect it and notify you that we have received your returned item. If your distiller has been gently used, you can still return it within 30 days from the date of purchase, and after inspection, we will initiate a refund less a 15% restocking fee.  Return shipping is the responsibility of the customer.
How long will the machine last?
This is a great question. Pure Water Distillers are extremely well constructed. Dr. Brian Clement purchased a Pure Water Distiller more than 40 years ago and it's still working fine, which is why he specifically recommends Pure Water Distillers.
Sounds great! How do I order?
Glad you like it! Click on the order button below or you can place an order by phone at 1-402-467-2142.
The Pure Water Mini-Classic
Premium Countertop Water Distiller
The Pure Water Mini-Classic is a premium countertop water distiller that's as simple to operate as a coffee maker. It produces enough pure distilled water for one or two people, and the water is stored in a glass container.

Choose this distiller if you are on a tight budget and if it's just for one or two people. It's also a good solution for apartments, dorms, and retirement living.
  • Produces fresh, great-tasting distilled water.
  • ​The greatest protection against the broadest range of contaminants.
  • ​Consistent purity forever.
  • ​No installation.
  • ​Easy maintenance.
  • ​Handcrafted in the USA with the finest components.
  • ​An excellent investment.
Order Today for only $750!
Plus get FREE shipping & a FREE purity tester!
 If you have questions or would rather place the order over the phone,
please call us at 402-467-2142 (Open from 9am -5pm CST)
The Pure Water Midi-Classic
Premium Mid-Sized Water Distiller
The Pure Water Midi-Classic is a premium automatic water distiller that automatically produces fresh, distilled water every day. It produces enough pure distilled water for small to mid-sized families. 

Choose this distiller if you want an automatic distiller and have a small to mid-sized family.

You can install this system in one of two ways...

FIRST, you can simply run a water line into the Midi-Classic and then dispense the water from the front of the machine.


SECOND, you can add a pump to it and pump distilled water to your ice maker and a separate faucet at your sink.
Midi-Classic shown with optional stand.
  • Produces fresh, great-tasting distilled water.
  • Provides the greatest protection against the broadest range of contaminants.
  • ​Consistent purity forever.
  • Easy installation. Plumbs into your water line with a simple ice-maker hook-up kit.
  • ​Automatically produces fresh distilled water as you use it.
  • ​Produces enough water for a small family.
  • ​Easy Maintenance.
  • ​Handcrafted in the USA with the finest components.
  • ​An excellent investment.
Normally $2,495. Order Now and get it for only $2,195!
Plus get FREE shipping & a FREE gift package!
You can also add a pump, which adds $299 to the order.
 If you have questions or would rather place the order over the phone,
please call us at 402-467-2142 (Open from 9am -5pm CST)

The Pure Water Mega-Classic

Premium Full-Sized Water Distiller
The Pure Water Mega-Classic is hands down the best water distiller in the world.  It's a fully automatic water distiller that produces plenty of fresh, distilled water for large families. The Mega-Classic has a built-in pump that delivers water to your ice maker and a separate faucet on your sink, and an automatic drain to keep the boiling tank as clean as possible .
Mega-Classic shown with optional stand.
Install the Pure Water Mega-Classic in the basement, garage, or by your water heater.

Choose this distiller if you want maximum convenience and reduced maintenance. It's suitable for any sized family.
  • Produces fresh, great-tasting distilled water.
  • ​Provides the greatest protection against the broadest range of contaminants.
  • ​Consistent purity forever.
  • Easy installation. Plumbs into your water line with a simple ice-maker hook-up kit.
  • ​Automatically produces fresh distilled water as you use it.
  • ​Produces enough water for any size family.
  • ​Delivers water to your ice maker and to a separate faucet at your sink.
  • ​Easy maintenance.
  • ​Handcrafted in the USA with the finest components.
  • ​An excellent investment.
Normally $3,495. Order Now and get it for only $3,295!
Plus get FREE shipping & a fantastic gift package!
 If you have questions or would rather place the order over the phone,
please call us at 402-467-2142 (Open from 9am -5pm CST)
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